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Elvish Writing on Armor

There appears to be Elvish writing on the Hip Armor
But evaluation of letters in both Sindarin and Quenya has turned up nothing.
If there were words intended to be legible and actual, I don't know what they are.

Below is the work I did on it and questions of people who know more about
these languages has turned up nothing so far.

As for my armor, it has real Elvish words...

This is what one side of my armor says.

NOTE: Please do not email me for transcriptions! I do not know how to translate into elvish script well enough to give you script for your tattoo.

If you would like to come up with your own writing you can go here to find Sindarin words:

Sindarin: the Noble Tongue

Once you have the words you want, you can go here to translate it into script:

Tengwar Translator

Type in the words you want in the text box on the top.
Go down below the "opcje"
Where it says "tryb (jezyk zródla):" choose "English"
Where it says "format wyniku:" select "Tengwar" and choose "Tengwar Sindarin"
Then go back up and click the button that says, "transkrybuj"
What comes up in the bottom window is your translation into Sindarin Elvish Tengwar script.



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