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Paper Mache Basics

Cost and Ammount required are approximate and not guarenteed.
Detailed descriptions are for those in countries that may not have the exact same item.

Items you may have to buy, but which you can reuse.

Cost: Between $1.00 and $12.00
Buying Online:
none available - do a search!
Ammount Required:
Any kind of cutting utensil that will cut paper and posterboard.

Pen or Marker
Buying Online:
Ammount Required:

Paint Brush
Buying online:
Ammount Required:


Items you will not be able to reuse (unless you have extra!)

Cost: $0.75 per 14x 22 in.
Buying on line:
Ammount Required: Only as much as one template.
Description: Posterboard is a light weight cardboard such as is used to pack food products like cereal and crackers. Most often comes in white, but color is not important.

News Print
Cost: $0.50 per 2 sheets.
Buying on line:
Ammount Required: As much as 8 templates
Description: A light weight recyclible paper which is used for newspapers

Mod Podge
Cost: $5.00 per 16 fl. oz.
Buying on line:
Ammount Required:16 oz for every
Description: A waterbase glue, very much like the glue used in school.

Basic Mod Podge Instructions

Cut posterboard and newspaper patterns
Newspaper should be 1/2 inch bigger than template and then 'cut in' around the curves. Cut 1 newspaper piece 1/4 inch smaller than template.
Wrap Newspaper Around posterboard and modpodge
Repeat 5x for each leaf
Finish off the back with the smaller newsprint piece glued over the tabs.


Glue Leaves Together with tacky glue. A few layers of newsprint modpodged to the underside to hold together Coat 3-4x with Mod Podge. On final layer, put on a coat thinned with water to get a smooth surface. Draw Raised Design on with Tacky Glue


And painted...


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