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Aragorn Crown Tutorial

Last update: March 16, 2010

Crown Tutorial ~ Vambrace Tutorial

Total estimated time 1/2 hour - 2 hours depending on detail desired
(not including drying time)


Template printout
Large black posterboard
Coloring materials
Tape, scissors, foam stickies
Puffy Paint*


1) Print template on white posterboard for best results

2) Color printed template - gold/silver/ black permanent
markers are recommended but other media may be used.

Click to enlarge

3) When completely dry, cut out template

4) Cut out a 3inch wide strip of black posterboard
along the longest length of the posterboard.

5) That black strip is your base. Wrap it around
your head and tape together so it fits.

6) Tape (double stick is best) or glue crown templates on base

click to enlarge photo on right

7) Using large foam stickies, apply flames so they stand out from the base

8) Using small foam stickies, apply crests

9) If desired, carefully trace raised elements with puffy paint

10) Weather with black marker or a q-tip and paint (carefully!)