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Pauldron 3 - Craft Foam Tutorial

Last update: March 16, 2010

Harness - Pauldron - Vambrace - Weathering - Cloak - Helmet

Pauldron 1 - Template Building
Pauldron 2 - Materials Assembly
Pauldron 3 - Craft Foam to Leather Tutorial
Pauldron 4 - Putting it together

Trace design on brown fun foam and cut out with scissors.
If desired a razor can be used along the edges to achieve a nice bevel

Using a sharp object, such as an old seam ripper, press into foam and draw design.

Color with Red Fabric Marker and age with shoe polish.
The brown makes it too dark, but might be good to make recessed areas
even more defined. - I'm not crazy about it.

A very thin layer of fabric paint in a slightly lighter color used as a glaze will give the foam a bit of a leathery shine.